About Autistic Goat


In the past, I’ve been a collector of sheep. Now I’m a collector of labels and diagnoses. I’m autistic and I experience dissociative episodes. This blog is meant to examine those terms in the context of my experiences and others’. My hope is that readers learn to hold a more nuanced perspective of these labels beyond the initial stereotypes. And perhaps in writing it down, I’ll learn something about myself as well.

I was first published in The Quill, a school newspaper I co-founded in fourth grade in response to being told only fifth graders could write for the official school paper. Since then I’ve written two travel blogs, a plethora of English essays, and a fair share of non-rhyming poetry. I also held a role as Editor-in-Chief of my high school’s literary magazine. Today, most of my writing encompasses informal philosophical inquiries, school essays, and now, this blog.