First Part of the Equation: Autistic

Hello, it’s me, Autistic Goat.

Most people in my life do not know that I am autistic. Up until a year ago, I didn’t know that about myself either. I knew the stereotypes of autism, and considering that I was always very verbal, did not have a strong preference for trains, and did not cover my ears for loud noises, I never considered that it would apply to me.

I’m not here to convince you that I am autistic; I already know that about myself. I’m here to present you with a series of vignettes that are examples of my autistic life. Retroactively, I see that these are autistic moments. Reader, I don’t want you to fall for the same tropes of autism that I believed before my diagnosis. I hope you leave my blog with a more nuanced view of autism. If more people knew about the spectrum of autistic experiences, then maybe I would have gotten my diagnosis earlier, perhaps people wouldn’t be as shocked when I tell them I’m autistic, and maybe I wouldn’t have to hide behind a username.